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When you stay at the Renaissance Asheville you will be able to observe a fascinating on-site honeybee colony! In partnership with Center for Honey Bee Research our hotel is proud to be the first hotel in downtown Asheville to support urban beekeeping with our pair of bustling honeybee hives!

As part of the Bee City USA program, Asheville has taken the charge to help create sustainable habitats for bees and other pollinating insects and reversing the growing threats to their habitats.

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Bee Happy Package

Get a truly authentic Asheville experience when you book the Bee Happy Package. Discover the buzz at the hotel's rooftop honeybee colony, explore the rich culture of Asheville, and enjoy every minute of your 5 to 9! Book the Bee Happy Package to enjoy:

  • Upscale Asheville Accommodations
  • Bee Happy Zipper Canvas Clutch at Arrival
  • Coupon for 10% Off at Asheville Bee Charmer
  • Coupon for Mix and Match Honey Trio at Asheville Bee Charmer
  • Complimentary Honey Tasting at the Honey Bar at Asheville Bee Charmer
  • A Small Percentage of Your Room Rate Will Be Donated to The Center for Honey Bee Research

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Urban Beekeeping

Buncombe County Chapter of the North Carolina State Beekeepers Association named Asheville Bee City USA in June 2012. Since the inception, our city has been bringing awareness of the importance of pollinators. Our Renaissance hotel is thrilled to be able to contribute to creating sustainable habitats for pollinators.

One in every three bites of food is possible because of insect pollination, and 90% of all wild plants and trees rely on bees and other pollinators for their survival. Honeybee colonies have been disappearing since 2007 due to the loss of their habitats, less available food, and exposure to pesticides.

To help support the honeybee population, we have welcomed approximately 70,000 honeybees to our two hives on the rooftop. However, due to guest demand to see the bees at work we are happy to announce that the hives are moving! Guests will now be able to observe the beehives from guest room windows, hallway windows, and elevators facing the city. We have created a new honeycomb design and better visuals, which makes for happier bees.

Meet Our Queens

When you look out onto our beekeeping area you will see two distinct hives. Each hive has a lovely queen to help keep her colony thriving. Our two queens were crowned with our two favorite names "Mary Rose" and "Ashby." Together they have created a pair of thriving colonies full of buzzing worker bees that keep Asheville looking beautiful.

To see these two beautiful beehives, simply stay in a guest room on the city side of the hotel, or look out the city side hallway windows and elevators. Our queens are kept in a secure location, but can easily be observed by all hotel guests!

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Discover the history of our beekeeping project, and news about our bees' new home below! This bold project began in 2015 to offer a colony of lucky bees some prime downtown real estate to help them flourish in Asheville and ever since they've been a welcome addition to the Renaissance Asheville!

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