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Asheville is full of unique and vibrant restaurants. Experience local flavors at our very own Writer’s Bistro or explore other nearby gems.

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Date Night

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Navigator's Dining Guide

Discover your new favorite dish with our Navigators’ hand-selected Asheville dining guide. Our Navigators are our front desk team members who are here to help you discover something new in the Asheville area. We encourage you to stop by and ask any questions you may have. We are here to help you find the very best Ashville has to offer!

  • Bomba. Enjoy Greco Latin fare at this local cafe. From spirits to sandwiches, Bomba has a variety of delicious dishes. 9 minute walk from our hotel.

  • Green Sage Cafe. Green Sage Cafe is on a mission to bring nourishing food to the community in a sustainable way. Stop by for a hot cup of coffee or grab a smoothie to go! 9 minute walk from our hotel.

  • Limones. Serving up Mexican and California cuisine, Limones is the perfect place for drinks, brunch, or dinner! 10 minute walk from our hotel

  • World Coffee Cafe. Looking for an espresso and sweet treat? World Coffee Cafe has everything you may be craving from morning muffins to mid-day meals. A 12 minute walk from our hotel.

  • Bruisin' Ales. Known as the Beer Capital of Asheville, Bruisin' Ales offers 10,000 beers from around the world.Only a 5 minute walk from our hotel!
date night restaurants in Asheville

Date Night


Discover vegan cuisine and biodynamic beverages at this modern and intimate restaurant.

  • Distance from Hotel: 7 blocks or a 12 minute walk!
  • Address: 165 Merrimon Avenue

Why We Love It: Plant serves up phenomenal dishes for vegetarian and vegan lifestyles and offers a wide variety of delicious cocktails, beers, and wines.

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twisted crepe Asheville

Family Dinner

Twisted Crepe

Switch up your normal family dining experience when you visit Twisted Crepe. Enjoy a variety of crepes for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

  • Distance from Hotel: 5 blocks or a 10 minute walk!
  • Address: 62 Haywood Street

Why We Love It: With their savory, sweet, and make-your-own options, there are plenty of flavors to please everyone in the family.

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tupelo honey cafe Asheville

Tupelo Honey Café

Tupelo Honey Café has multiple locations, but this downtown Asheville spot is where it all began. They are known for both their Southern comfort food and Southern charm.

  • Distance from Hotel: 7 blocks or a 12 minute walk!
  • Address: 12 College Street

Why We Love It: Tupelo Honey Café offers a unique service which lets you know, via text message, when your table is ready. This snazzy feature makes it easy to explore nearby shops while you wait for your table.

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wicked weed brewing in Asheville

Local Flair

Wicked Weed Brewing

Experience an authentic brewpub setting while you sip on hop-forward beer or enjoy American fare like a fried chicken sandwich.

  • Distance from Hotel: 8 blocks or a 14 minute walk!
  • Address: 91 Biltmore Avenue

Why We Love It: Wicked Weed Brewing is not only a restaurant, but also includes a tasting room and "Funkatorium" filled with sours. This place is great for beer enthusiasts!

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curate restaurant Asheville

Best Brunch


Spice up your brunch at Cúrate, an exciting tapas bar that also serves lunch and dinner.

  • Distance from Hotel: 6 blocks or a 10 minute walk!
  • Address: 11 Biltmore Avenue

Why We Love It: You will feel like you are in Spain without ever leaving North Carolina! We recommend trying either the Tortilla Española or the Tortilla Española de Chorizo.

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biscuit heads restaurant Asheville

Biscuit Heads

Indulge your taste buds to fresh, homemade biscuits.

  • Distance from Hotel: 1.6 miles or a 5 minute drive!
  • Address: 417 Biltmore Avenue

Why We Love It: Biscuit Heads serves a variety of giant biscuits with fantastic Southern hospitality.

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